Are you a newbie willing to learn in this 100% FREE Cake Making and Cake Decorating Course Tutorials on how to:

  1. Bake Cakes
  2. Decorate Cakes
  3. Price Your Cake
  4. Make money with your Baking skill

If you fit into above, then this is for you but beyond that, it is also for:

  • Intermediate Bakers (you have been baking already but want to improve and have access to a lot of cake Designs)
  • You, if you want to learn more with different Cake making recipes
  • You want to horn your Cake Decorating skill
  •  Learn tested and proven Buttercream Cake Designs Recipe
  • Learn tested and proven Fondant Cake Designs Recipe

If you fit into any of the above, then I welcome you to an exciting journey of moving from Beginners to Pro Baker in 100 Days Youtube Video Challenge.



What is FoskaayFoods 100Days Youtube Video Challenge?

It is an initiative to create an in-depth cake course video daily and upload it on our youtube channel to make it 100% free and accessible to anyone for the next 100days.

Yeah – 1 free cake tutorial video daily for 100 Days = 100 Cake course videos for YOU – FREE!!!


What Does FoskaayFoods 100Days Youtube Video Challenge?

It will include:


  1. Intro to Cake Making + Cake Tools
  2. Tips for Oven Temperature
  3. Cake Making Guidelines
  4. Preparation for Baking
  5. Storing Cakes
  6. How to make Vanilla Cake + Recipe 100% FREE
  7. How to make Red Velvet Cake + Recipe 100% FREE
  8. How to make Chocolate Cake + Recipe 100% FREE



  1. Intro to Cake Decorating
  2. How to do Cake Trimming perfectly
  3. How to do Butter icing/Buttercream Design (American Buttercream Cake Design & others) + Recipe 100% FREE
  4. How to do Fondant Cake Design + Recipe 100% FREE
  5. Over 40+ Cake Designs (Buttercream and Fondant) which includes:

i) Cake designs for Birthday [Cake designs for Birthday Boy & Cake designs for Birthday Girl]

ii) Cake designs for Ladies

iii) Cake designs for Mom

iv) Cake designs for Dad

v) Cake designs for wedding

iv) Cake designs featuring flowers, toppers and a lot more cake designs…

…….We will be sending more detailed breakdown of the Course Outlines daily via our Telegram group – Join our Official FoskaayFoods Telegram Group now FREE to stay updated DAILY!


 Students and participants will also be able to send in cake designs ideas through our Official FoskaayFoods Telegram Group to be done and added to our youtube channel for everyone if your design is picked.



Yeah, this will be included too, which will focus on;

  1. How to make Meatpie + Recipe 100% FREE
  2. How to make Sausage Roll + Recipe 100% FREE
  3. How to make Chin Chin + Recipe 100% FREE
  4. How to make Doughnut + Recipe 100% FREE
  5. Others



  1. How to make Samosa + Recipe 100% FREE
  2. How to make Spring Roll + Recipe 100% FREE
  3. How to make Puff Puff + Recipe 100% FREE
  4. How to make Chicken Ball + Recipe 100% FREE
  5. How to make Yam Ball + Recipe 100% FREE
  6. Others


Who is The Tutor?

omowunmi foskaay baker foskaayfoods

…Click here to Meet and know more about your Baker Tutor.


How To Participate in FoskaayFoods 100Days Youtube Video Challenge?

As mentioned early, this is 100% FREE – mean No hidden fee,

YES, no extra chargesNO PREMIUM COURSE TO BUY!!!

All you need to do is the following:

(1) Subscribe to our Official FoskaayFoods Youtube Channel (Don’t forget to click the notification bell):

This is where we will be dropping the free cake making and decoration training videos daily.

So, it essential you Subscribe and then Click the Notification BELL to get alert daily on your phone or youtube account when we add new training video to the channel on a daily basis.


(2) Join our Official FoskaayFoods Telegram Group

This is essential because we will be revealing a detailed training course outline on a daily basis to prepare for the next videos. It also the platform for discussion and accessing quick update directly from this course instructor live. You can also suggest cake designs you like to see added and Meet other students and participants to discuss live about the course.


(3) Kindly use the share buttons on this page to share this to your friends, family, colleagues and others that you don’t want them to miss this one time and lifetime opportunity to acquire a valuable skill.


Don’t also forget that at FoskaayFoods we are building the first and best free platform to access cake designs images/videos with cake recipes for beginners & pro bakers!

We simply want to inspire bakers and make it easy to access recipes online anywhere you are in Nigeria and Africa for FREE!


…..Visit the Foskaay foods home page and register FREE to have unlimited access -Yeah 100% FREE of charges!!!


The FREE 100Days Training Starts by:

February 1st 2020

UPDATES [11thMarch,2020]

We have heard our community feedback and listened to your desire to access this 100DaysBaker with less or no access to the internet while some couldn’t afford the luxury of data to follow the free training.

Thus, we are launching “100DaysBaker 2-In-1 DVD” so you can have access without the need for data offline anytime you want to all the cake making recipes, cake decoration designs ideas, pastries and small chops with other added values like how to make caster sugar at home and lot more.

It will contain 50 Videos each:

DVD A = Day 1 to Day 50

DVD B = Day 51 to Day 100


Launch Date = After The 100Days Completed (15th June 2020)

Cost = N15,000 but we are offering discounts for Pre-Order before the launch date as follows:

Bonus = You have access to Foskaayfoods premium website when launched and a premium telegram group

Pre-Order Discount 1 = N5,000 for first 10 people to pre-order before or latest by 14th March 2020

Available Slots = 10 of 10 Slots still Available

Pre-Order Discount 2 = N7,500 for first 15 people to pre-order before or latest by 31st March 2020

Available Slots = 15 of 15 Slots still Available

Pre-Order Discount 3 = N10,000 for first 20 people to pre-order before or latest by 30th April 2020

Available Slots = 20 of 20 Slots still Available

Pre-Order Discount 4 = N12,500 for first 25 people to pre-order before or latest by 30th May 2020

Available Slots = 25 of 25 Slots still Available


After May 30th all pre-order ends so we have enough time to process and produce those that have pre-ordered already. The 100DaysBaker 2-In-1 DVD will return to the actual price of N15,000 from 1st June 2020.

So, it an opportunity for you to pre-order today and enjoy discounts before slots taken.

Remember this will save you lots of Data subscription and make all the 100Days course video accessible for you offline anytime even when you need it to play and replay over again.

You can even buy it to teach your kids and others offline.

Interested? Contact via Whatsapp 07066052228 to get account details