This platform is a divinely inspired idea born out of dual talented couple; wife been a passionate baker and husband an ICT expert with about a decade experience:

Hi there!

Am Omowunmi Foskaay, a wife, lover of God and passionate baker for about 5year now which I started why still in School (TaiSholarin University). Have always understand that the Bakers world is competitive and not always favourable to Newbie.

So, I kept searching and brainstorming for the unique entry point to position myself with my darling husband until God finally opened our eye and heart to the missing link in Bakers world in Nigeria which is to make it easier for beginners to access cake making and cake decorating recipes, cake pricing, pasteries and small chops tutorials from different bakers + how to make money with baking skill in one well arranged platform without having to get distracted with non-baking related video like you have on platforms like Youtube.

Thus, this Foskaayfoods was rebuilt as a tool to help make that a reality for FREE!!!


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– Omowunmi Foskaay

CEO, FoskaayFoods

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