Fondant Sharp Edge (Method 1)


Fondant Sharp Edge (Method 1)

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In this Foskaay foods fondant sharp edge method 1 video, you will discover how to achieve a sharp edge on your fondant cake like a pro baker.

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What is Covered in this video course?

  1. Intro to fondant sharp edge
  2. Tested and proven Foskaayfoods fondant sharp edge method 1
  3. Step by step video to achieve a sharp edge with your fondant cake.
  4. Over 30Minutes in-depth videos that even a beginner can follow step by step. See a sample of our video course to know how in-depth and simplified our videos are => Foskaayfoods Video Course Sample



  1. No support offered for this video. That’s why it was thoroughly done to ensure either you are a beginner, intermediate or pro baker, you can follow the steps on your own without the need for the tutor’s support on or offline.
  2. NO REFUND – Once you purchase this course, you can’t request a refund. Thus, kindly ensure you check well before placing order.



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