In this video, you will discover helpful information about how to make cake painting design by Chelsweets.


What You Will Learn From This Video:

You will learn about step by step of making cake painting design on buttercream for beginners and pro Bakers from this incredible, amazing pro-Baker and instructor Cakes Chelsweets.

Some of the things discussed in this video are:

  1. Cake painting designs ideas
  2. Step by step major cake decoration points
  3. This is for you if you want to improve on your fondant designs professionally for your cake business
  4. A lot more……


List of Cake Making/Cake Decorating Recipes Used in this Video:

In this section, we list out cake recipes with measurement used in this video.

Recipe Source:

The baker explained the recipe as follows:

I’ve seen some stunning painted cakes this summer, and it inspired me to try my hand at painting! I have no artistic background, but I’ve seen Bob Ross on TV, and tried my hand at creating layers of “paint!”

I fell in love with the floral pattern on a sundress I found at H&M and used it as my inspiration for this cake design. I frosted a small cake made with ombre blue layers, using my favourite vanilla layer cake recipe and American buttercream. I allowed the cake to sit in the fridge for an hour, to allow the buttercream to really firm up, and crust!

I know it sounds strange, but because of the frosting’s high sugar content, it crusts as it sits and it exposed to air. Once the frosting crusted, I mixed together some gel food colouring and vodka to create my paint! The vodka helps the food colouring dry faster, due to its high alcohol content.

It also helps thin out the food colouring, to help create different shades of blue. If you don’t want to use alcohol, you can also use lemon extract! Painting the cake takes quite a while, so I had to pop the cake back into the fridge several times since the frosting will begin to soften as it sits out at room temperature.

It’s nice to take breaks, to allow the paint to dry, and to enable you to layer the “paint” to create more dimension in your shapes. It also it good for your back and your hand to take breaks

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