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How To Make Sugar Sheet

What is Sugar Sheet Cake Design?

Sugar sheets cake design is a type of cake decoration which derives its name as a result of the design been majorly sugar with just some other ingredients moulded to form a sheet which is elastic and bendable to use on the cake for decoration.


PREPARATION of Sugar Sheets Cake Tutorial

For the cake decorating ingredients used, check the recipe section below the post.

Step 1: Pour your caster sugar into a bowl, add your CMC or Tylose

Step 2: Put your 2tbsp of glucose into a stainless and melt the glucose, add your 1tsp of water and let the two melt together until it turns to glucose syrup or liquid

Step 3: Add your glucose syrup into your caster sugar, mix
everything together

Step 4: Pour it into your silicone mat and mix everything well

Step 5: Use your rolling pin to stretch the sugar sheet

Step 6: Let it air dry overnight until you can pull it out of the silicone mat

You are good to go with your sugar sheet once you follow this procedure


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What You Will Learn From This Video:

You will learn about how to make a sugar sheet cakes design with buttercream for beginners and pro Bakers from this incredible, amazing pro-Baker and instructor in the baking world – Omowunmi Foskaay, CEO FoskaayFoods.

Some of the things discussed in this video are:

  1. Achieve Butter cream Sharp edge
  2. Make Sugar Sheets Cake Design
  3. Make Birthday Cake Designs
  4. This is also for you if you want to discover how to make a Sugar Sheet cake decoration with buttercream from a Pro Baker.
  5. A lot more……


List of Cake Making/Cake Decorating Recipes Used in this Video:

In this section, we list out cake recipes with measurement used in this video.

Recipe Source:

Basket Weave Cake Recipe Ingredients and cake tools:

Cake design Ingredients and cake decorating tools used for sugar sheets cakes are:
1) Buttercream (check American Buttercream Recipe)

2) Pipping Bag

3) Pallet Knife

4) Scrapper

5) 170gram of Caster Sugar

6) 2tbsp of Glucose

7) 1tsp of Water

8) 1/2tsp of CMC or Tylose

9) Silicone Mat

10) Rolling Pin

To access the buttercream recipe used for this cake design idea, check American Buttercream Recipe


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