This is the Month 1 of our official monthly growth report and testimonials received from our members via Youtube comments, Telegram group, direct messages and other platforms of communication used by FoskaayFoods.


How Did FoskaayFood Grew In February 2020

First, of all, we give glory to the Lord Jesus for the divine inspired idea to relaunch FoskaayFoods digitally from just a brick and mortar cake business shop to become a platform helping bakers in Nigeria, Africa and the World.

It is also amazing to know that this is the first month and we can not deny the fact that the growth has been amazing and the testimonies coming from our members have also been mind blow (see some below). Thus, we deem it fit to say a BIG THANK YOU to all our members especially those sending in their testimonials to appreciate what we are doing.

In all sincerity, we are putting our sweat, blood and time (fulltime) into making this platform a reality and produce in-depth cake recipe videos like no other.


Also, need to say that we started with 100DaysBaker – a free cake training to drop 100 videos to groom beginners to pro bakers in 100 days covering four major areas (Cake Making, Cake Decoration, Pastries and Small Chops)

We only dropped Day1 to Day20 Videos in February 2020.




Growth Summary For Month 1 (February 2020)


[1] Foskaay Foods Youtube Growth

Youtube Subscribers = 2 Subscribers (My wife and I to 374 Baker Subscribers

{372 Baker Subscribers Gained in Month 1}

Youtube Notifications Bell = Over 136 Bakers put on Notification alert to get notified via Youtube immediately we publish any video on our channel.

{136+ Bakers Do Receive Our Videos Instant Notifications on Youtube in Month 1}

Youtube Channel Ranking Position = Moved from 9,000th+ Position to 6,000th+ Position in Social Blade Ranking in Nigeria.


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[2] FoskaayFoods Telegram Growth

Telegram Members = 2Members (My wife and I as to 418 Baker Members

{416 Baker Members Gained in Month 1}

Join Our Bakers Telegram Group =



[3] FoskaayFoods Website Membership

We had about 12 members registered on the website this month 1.

Total Registered Members = 12Members




FoskaayFoods Audience Demographics

Below are some important info about the demographic of our platforms (Youtube | Telegram) audience which includes info like Gender, Age, Country

Gender = 99.9% Female | 0.1% Male |

Age = 18Years – 45Years Old

Language = English

Location (Major Continents) = 2 Continents (Africa | Europe) + Others (unknown Yet)

Location (Major Countries) = 5 African Countries {Nigeria 95%, Burundi, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Cameroon} || 1 European Country {Ireland} || Others (Unknown Yet)



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Testimonials From FoskaayFoods Members

In just first month with Day1 to 20 videos drop from the 100DaysBaker, we have been getting amazing testimonies from members trying out our cake making recipe and cake decoration guidelines as seen in screenshots below from Youtube comments, telegram group, website and chats.






We are now officially open to ads in out Youtube videos, website and telegram group considering the fact that it is costing a lot to produce these in-depth videos all for FREE.

Kindly get in touch with our team via the CONTACT PAGE



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This is essential because we will be revealing a detailed training course outline on a daily basis to prepare for the next videos. It also the platform for discussion and accessing quick update directly from this course instructor live. You can also suggest cake designs you like to see added and Meet other students and participants to discuss live about the course.


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